power of you

At Wearable Collections we are big believers in the compound effect. While we strive to have a massive, positive impact on our community and the environment around us with every campaign we launch, we know its the little things we do every day that really add up.  We know you all have busy lives and are inundated with activities, but we want to give you a gentle nudge and help you navigate a way that with a small action you can be part of a bigger solution as Earth Day approaches next month.

If any of the below fits YOU, then simply email act@wearablecollections.com and we will walk you through, step by step to set up a convenient clothes, shoes and home linens collection.

YOU have a closet full of clothes you no longer wear – Ask us about a home pick up.

YOU have a child in school – Lets set up a drive!

YOU live in a large residental building – Request a bin for your building!

YOU live in a small residential building – We can do periodic drives!

YOU work in an office – Set up a clothing or shoe drive and your colleagues will love you!

YOU particpate in a community group that can use more funds – Pick a day and let’s do a drive!

YOU work for a fashion company – Let’s figure out a way to green-up your operations.


The list goes on and on and we know you get the point. All it takes is an email for us to get a collection event started.