Learn About Our Company

Wearable Collections is a NYC based company focused on keeping clothing, textiles and shoes out of landfills while generating funds for charities.

Long before Al Gore made it fashionable to be eco-friendly, a group of friends living in NYC came up with the idea for Wearable Collections. We must admit that we had ulterior motives for starting a clothing recycling company.

In November of 2000, one of our founders, Ethan Ruby was struck by a car while crossing Delancey St. in lower Manhattan, leaving him paralyzed from his chest down. This event drastically affected all of our lives. Ethan being a conduit of positive energy, would not let the group wallow in pity. He took a leadership role by becoming the president of the NYC chapter of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, one of the leading spinal cord injury research facilities in America. We found ourselves constantly brainstorming ideas for fundraising. Being NYC residents ourselves, we were overwhelmed with the amount of waste produced in our city and figured there must be some valuable goods being tossed away daily.

After seeing one of our neighbor’s bags of clothing waiting to be picked up for collection, sitting in the hallway for over a week, a light bulb went off. What if we could bring the convenience that New Yorkers demand to clothing recycling? By placing bins within apartment buildings, residents can now recycle clothing as easy as they can recycle cans and newspapers. Not only are we able to divert textiles from landfills, we are able to raise money for charitable organizations. We believe that this is a winning formula and are proud to be among the businesses making NYC a leader of the Green revolution.

Walkable Collections, a subsidiary of Walkable Collections focuses specifically on recycling shoes. That has been our mission since day one. Walkable Collections came about from the idea that when we pre-sort shoes out of our collection stream, we can keep more of them out of landfills.

While we love serving our local region, the New York City Metro area, we couldn’t help but be compelled by all the messages we received by those outside the region requesting our service. Walkable Collections allows us to have a a further reach and therefore a greater impact nationwide. We are excited to bring this program to you and hope together we can minimize shoe waste.