Drop Spot Beneficiary | July & August

redhookinitiativeThank all of you who have come by to our Drop Spot to recycle your clothing, shoes and textiles! Together we have recycled over 12,000 lbs of textiles in 2014 alone.

We are happy to announce The Red Hook Initiave as the beneficiary for July & August and look forward to engaging with their community in future programs and initiatives.
contact us.

To learn more about and support The Red Hook Initiative, please contact visit:
767 Hicks St, New York, NY 11231
(718) 858-6782

RHI believes that social change to overcome systemic inequities begins with empowered youth. In partnership with community adults, we nurture young people in Red Hook to be inspired, resilient, and healthy, and to envision themselves as co-creators of their lives, community and society.




Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion is a force to be reckoned with. It celebrates, provokes, and entertains. And, from April 24th 2014, it’s going to do even more. Because we’re turning fashion into a force for good.

On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains continue.

Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough.

For more information visit http://fashionrevolution.org/

fashion revolution day

3 Fashionable Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

newsdayOriginally published: April 17, 2014 11:44 AM
Updated: April 22, 2014 9:08 AM
By JOSEPH V. AMODIO Special to Newsday
Link to Newsday article

Recycle clothes and shoes with Wearable & Walkable Collections

Adam Baruchowitz is founder and CEO of Wearable Collections and Walkable Collections. The company takes old clothes and sneakers and recycles them. (Credit: Bruce Gilbert)

Amber Valletta is feeling mighty green lately. She’s the face of two eco-friendly collections released by H&M earlier this month: Conscious (a limited-edition line made from organic cotton, hemp and recycled materials), and Conscious Exclusive (its more upscale, sustainable sister).

“Reuse . . . repurpose clothing,” she says in an H&M online video on how to make clothes last. Nice thought, Amber.

So what’s a consumer who wants to be greener to do?

Eileen Fisher fans who have any of that brand’s gently used clothes can return them to any EF store this month (including East Hampton) in exchange for credit on a rewards card ($5 per item). The clothes are then sold at Green Eileen second-hand shops, with proceeds funding empowerment programs for women and girls.

Adam Baruchowitz does Fisher one better.

The Stony Brook native heads Wearable Collections, a Brooklyn-based firm that collects used clothing (any brand, wearable or not) in New York City and surrounding areas, making weekly pickups at more than 200 apartment buildings and 26 greenmarkets. Last year, he hauled away more than 2 million pounds of clothes, which would have otherwise clogged landfills. Instead, wearable items were sent to second-hand shops, the rest recycled into rags or ground up into insulation material.

Now he’s launching Walkable Collections, a division devoted to reusable footwear. At the website — walkablecollections.com — consumers can learn how to donate old shoes (he’ll provide UPS labels) or spearhead shoe drives (he provides bins, signage, pickups, and sends the shoes to impoverished regions around the globe).

“I was blown away by the huge ‘waste’ of reusable resources in our wastestream,” he says.

That’s just a start. We’ve gathered info on other green choices you can make on Earth Day — or any day of the year.

“Today it’s possible to be fashionable and responsible,” says Valletta. “And that’s the way it should be.”



Earth Month 2014

earth month 2014If any of you are feeling the way we are, you still aren’t quite over the hand that this winter dealt us. But this is not a time to be bitter- it’s Earth Month 2014. This is a time to be optimistic and thankful. The spring is upon us and with that a reminder of all the goodness that mother nature provides.  Wearable Collections is shaking of the last flakes of snow and is focused on making this our most fruitful Earth Month ever, creating campaigns of all shapes and sizes for our community to participate.

This year we have added a little twist with a focus on sneakers and shoes, in order to illustrate the problem of shoe waste and also propose a solution.  We have developed some new partnerships that allow us to expand our reach outside the NYC metro area.  Wearable Collections continues to increase our footprint to help you reduce yours.

To find out how to get your community involved, please click here.


Dorm Clean-Outs

Dorm Clean-OutsIn our nearly decade of collecting used clothes,  the one thing we can count on is the onslaught of clothing left on college campuses at the end of the year. We get it, we were university students that long time ago.  The schools year’s over and summer is upon you, what do you need clothes for?

Well, for those of you burdened with the tremendous volume of clothing left on campus, please let Wearable Collections be your solution for dorm clean outs. We will provide you with a turn-key solution that will be sure to keep those clothing shoes and textiles out of landfills with the added benefit of raising funds for your university.  We have a great deal of experience greening up college campuses.  While we are focused on the Northeast corridor from Maine to D.C, there is really no limit to how far we go.

For all inquiries, please email us at info@wearablecollections.com or fill out the form below of you’d like to put us in contact with your dorm manager.

Queens Library Clothing Drives, Thursday April 3rd

QL_logoWe are extremely happy to build on last years’ highly productive drives at 3 Queens libraries.  The drives are a collaboration of two terrific partners GrowNYC and Queens Library.  All of the drives will be held Thursday  April 3rd from 3:30 pm – 6:30pm.

Bring your gently used clothing, shoes  and textiles to these participating libraries:

Steinway Library
21-45 31st Street
Astoria, NY 11105

Broadway Library
40-20 Broadway
LIC, NY 11103

Woodside Library
54-22 Skillman Ave
Woodside, NY 11377

Staten Island JCC Spring Cleaning Event, Sunday March 30

jccWe love our friends in Staten Island and are proud to be hosting a clothing drive with the JCC for the fourth consecutive year.  In the past we have been amazed by the amount of clothing, textiles and shoes we have been able to keep out of landfills with these events.  As part of this event,  Staten Island residents will also be able to recycle their e-waste and there will even be trees given away.   This is not an event to miss.

DATE: March 30, 2014
TIME: 12pm- 2pm
Bernikiow Parking Lot
1466 Manor Rd
Staten Island, NY 10314


Slate NYC and Wearable Collections Team Up to Place Lockers in Residential Buildings

wc_slatenyc_lockersDo you live in a non- doorman building? Is your building just a little too far from some conveniences we take for granted in NYC? Are you tired of those weekly visits to the laundromat? Well, fret no more. Wearable Collections and Slate NYC have joined forces to to launch the underserved into the future.

We have partnered with Slate NYC, the eco-affordable clothes + home cleaning service used by thousands of  New Yorkers, to offer an elegant set of laundry & dry cleaning lockers. With these new lockers,  tenants will now be able to securely drop off their dirty clothes and get clean clothes back in the locker three days later. Through the use of simple text messaging or email they will be able to let Slate NYC know whether their clothes are to be cleaned or recycled. They will even be able to schedule a home cleaning service if they like.

There are no restrictions to what buildings can have lockers placed inside them. Yes, even those with doormen.

For all inquiries into our new locker service or for a site visit please email us locker@wearablecollections.com

Be the first on your block to enjoy these state of the art lockers.

2014 Greenmarket Expansion with GrowNYC

grownycAs always, we are exploring more ways to bring our clothing recycling service to new areas.

Bring your gently used clothing, shoes and textiles to these participating libraries that have recently joined the list of recycling locations :

Steinway Library
21-45 31st Street
Astoria, NY 11105

Broadway Library
40-20 Broadway
LIC, NY 11103

Woodside Library
54-22 Skillman Ave
Woodside, NY 11377

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