• Please remember we have a 250 lb minimum


In 2016 we partnered with the NYC Board of Education Office of Sustainability, hosting clothing drives in 31 schools,  diverting over 15000 lbs of clothing and shoes from landfills.  This year we have decided to focus on hosting shoe drives in order to raise awareness to the 300 million pairs of shoes that enter our landfills annually. On top of doing what we do best, extending the life of the collected shoes, we are extending the offer to participate in our recently launched Social Shoe Project campaign – the first of its kind large scale project to connect donors of shoes with the second hand wearer through social media tools. We are setting a goal of 50,000 pairs collected for this campaign.  Not only will you be benefiting the environment by keeping those shoes in motion, Wearable Collections will dedicate 25 cents per pair back to your school.   A shoe drive with Wearable Collections is a great way to kick off an Earth month fundraiser.



Wearable Collections is a for-profit clothing and shoe recycler that wants to help your school earn money to do the things that are important. We work with various groups  all over, keeping shoes out of landfills and onto the feet of people who need affordable options.

We are a great resource for:

  • Hosting a no-cost fundraiser with nothing to sell!
  • Earning money for causes that matter to you!
  • Everyone who can’t stand the idea of landfilling!
  • Adding to your recycling know-how!
  • Giving a new life to your old shoes


Wearable Collections provides all the tools needed to host a successful shoe drive that honors EARTH MONTH and earns $0.25 per pair! The more reusable shoes collected, the more money earned!

  • We happily handle all logistics for delivery and pickup
  • We also deliver an awesome electronic toolkit

This Service Learning project will have everyone Rethinking Reuse, learning about taking easy steps to green the globe and providing people everywhere with affordable shoes.


Over 300 million pairs of perfectly reusable shoes are tossed into the trash each and every year.

This Earth Month, let’s make it a mission to collect shoes that are reusable for happy, healthy feet all around the globe. Our convenient recycling solution will keep your closets clean, the planet green and feet all over will be dancin’ with the beat of your old kicks.

Wearable Collections Earth Month Shoe Drive is just what your school needs!

Social Shoe Project

Also known as #socialshoeproect is a Wearable Collections experiment to connect the donors of shoes with their second hand wearers in a distant land through the powers of social media. We are often asked the questions what happens to the shoes I recycle? While we have a pretty good idea of the regions across the world where American used shoes are in high demand: Central America, South America and Africa, we dont exactly know where they end up. On whose feet?  In what towns?  What types of situations will they be worn?

In our quest to bring more transparency to the industry in which we operate-, the clothing and shoe recycling industry, the idea of the #socialshoeproject was born.  We hope that people are curious to follow the journey of their shoes as they leave their closets for destinations unknown.  We believe that we are uniquely positioned to connect the dots for this ambitious project.   The Social Shoe Project will make you rethink the end of life uses for your shoes and will lead to discussions about our consumption, sustainability and how we all are connected in more ways than we can imagine.  We are certain that there is someone, somewhere who will be excited to walk another mile in your preloved shoes, and we just may discover that what we have in common is a shared fashion experience.

How it works

  1.  Request labels that will be used to tag shoes. We will provide you with a pdf file you can print out or we can ship you labels.
  2.  Create an instagram account to be used your school. Feel free to use a personal account but for school collections it makes more sense to create an account for the entire school i.e. @PS…shoes
  3.  Take a photo of pair of shoes and upload to instagram. Tell a little story of the life you lived in the shoes and dont forget to add #SOCIALSHOEPROJECT
  4.  Write  instagram handle on labels and place them on the shoes, inner sole and tongue are good locations.
  5.  Place shoes in schools bin or receptacle.   We will take it from there. Be patient as it can take a month or so to get to their final destination.   The more shoes we collect, the more likely connections will happen!




  • Please remember we have a 250 lb minimum

Recycle shoes and textiles year ‘round!

Wearable Collections and Walkable Collections are focused on keeping clothing, shoes and textiles out of the landfill.  Let our creative staff  customize a year-round solution for you!

Wearable Collections was the best end of year dorm clean-out solution for me to get rid of my extra clothes and shoes! Albert - Stony Brook University

Quite a fantastic experience for 6/7 year olds. A Bank Street School for Children Parent

  • How much we give back per dollar 25%
  • Amount textiles account for all common waste 16%
  • How many people think cities should include a textile recycling programs in municipal buildings 77%
  • The volume of Post Consumer Waste that grew between 1999 & 2009 40%
  • People that don’t know 11million tons of textiles are trashed each year 78%
  • How much we LOVE recycling with you 100%