Fashion Companies + Wearable Collections

Its no secret that the Fashion Industry is now considered the second dirtiest industry next to oil.  From the pesticides that it takes to grow cotton, the transportation of these goods by fossil fuels in our global economy, the dyes polluting rivers and the waste of factory discards all of which take their toll on our planet’s natural resources.  While there may be no quick fix for a problem that has many moving parts, we do believe that there are many things we all can do to improve upon the situation. With over a decade experience in the fashion capital of the world in keeping clothing, shoes and textiles out of landfills we have a unique perspective and can provide services that will help fashion companies along the path of becoming more socially responsible.   We know you are focused on what you do best, let us help you connect the dots by doing what we do best, handling all of the following items:

  • Overstock
  • Returns
  • Sample Sale Leftovers
  • Damaged Goods
  • Destruction of Goods
  • Creating Take Back Programs

We have worked with many of the worlds largest brands helping them green up their design and retail floors while educating them on the life extending options for these goods.   Each company has their own needs and we can provide a customized solution for each.  Our services are something that you can use in your marketing that will be appreciated by both your customers and employees alike.  When you think about all the lengths you go to produce these goods, it only makes sense for us to keep them in motion for as long as possible.

Fashion Company