Hosting a Clothing and Shoe Drive as a Fundraiser for your School

Hosting a clothing and shoe drive couldn’t be easier! 

Together  we  aim to reduce some of the 400 million lbs of clothing, shoes, linens and towels that enter the NYC residential wastestream every year.  Centered around a fun event that will not only engage your school community but also provide a convenient solution for a common problem, an overcrowded closet.  A clothing and shoe drive gives students and their families an opportunity to make a difference by reducing their impact for the purpose of reusing these clothes and shoes again rather than having them head to landfills.  Its an important yet easy step for creating a culture of responsibility around your school: One that raises questions around our consumption, how we utilize resources, the global economy and the life cycle of products around us.

On top of all the eco-goodness a clothing and shoe drive brings, Wearable Collections will dedicate 10 cents per pound collected to your school. A great cause and a great fundraiser!

*Please keep in mind minimums may  be applied

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I recycle clothing, shoes and home linens?
Many people would be surprised to find out that textile and clothing waste takes up around 5 % of our municipal waste stream. Of these items 95% can be re-used in one way or another, whether it is re-used as second hand clothing, rags or for low-grade fiber products.  Recycling clothing is a way to preserve natural resources, and save municipalities the cost of dumping useful items.
What types of items do you accept?

We accept all clean and dry clothing, paired shoes and sneakers, linens, towels handbags and belts.

We do not accept scraps of any size, rugs, carpeting, bath mats, pillows, comforters or large luggage

What happens to the clothing, shoes, etc. that we collect?

The clothing is brought to a  facility where it is sorted into different grades: re-usable as second hand clothing (45%), wiping rags (30%), and scrap that will be shredded for low grade fiber products (20%).  The second hand clothing will be shipped to emerging markets throughout the world where they provide access to stylish and affordable clothing for the locals.

What are the benefits to my school for hosting a drive?

There are almost too many to list. We at Wearable Collections firmly believe that the recycling and reuse of clothing and shoes are gateway materials for students to learn about recycling in general.  They are all familiar with the concept of hand me downs. Now they will learn about hand me ons. It is important for students to understand that there are industries in place to help us extend the life of materials once we are finished with them.  There is a similar thread that carries through all these industries: Efficient collections and transportation to a sorting facility, sorting the materials to extract the highest value, distribution to processing plants where they are converted to new materials or in the case of clothing and shoes almost half can be re-used as is.

On top of all of this, for doing your part, we’d like to reward you by dedicating 10 cents per lb back to your school!

Good for your school! Good for the environment! and Good for the global community!

Everyday is Earth Day


  • Please remember we have a 250 lb minimum





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